Customer Feedback

Our courses are consistently rated 9.3 out of 10 on our feedback forms and 100% of all our clients say that they would use us again.

Our teambuilding day was fun and challenging. The facilitator was able to put us all at ease. I personally gained fresh confidence and really bonded with all my colleagues.


Thoroughly enjoyed the week. Top stuff.

- Messier-Dowty

Creative Problem Solving - Example Course

9.30amIntroductions & objectives
10.00amPurpose of problem solving, focus and framing of problems
10.25amDivergent & Convergent thinking types
Paper Flying Competition - Group exercise
Blocks that hinder creative thought
Left Brain right brain exercises - Group exercises
10.45amPrincipals of 7 Step Methodology
11.00amTea Break
11.17am7 Step Methodology exercise - Group exercise
11.40amFeedback & questions
12.00pmPersonal Approach to problem solving Questionnaire - Group Exercise
12.05pmFeedback & questions
12.10pmThe 4 c's to Generating Creative Options - Communicate, Compare, Challenge, Connection
2.00pmGaining team Participation 'Road Signs' - Group exercise
Pros & Cons of group problem solving
Techniques for effective group based problem solving
2.45pmGroup exercise with observer roles
3.30pmTea Break
4.15pmPersonal action planning
4.20pmRecall of the day, review of objectives
4.30pmFINISH & return of evaluation sheets
Problem Solving Wheel
Who, What, Why, When questions to problem solving
Action plan check list (3 extras required for game)


Very well planned week. I was never bored, facilities were excellent, we were looked after very well.

- Messier-Dowty

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Can't find any fault at all. Excellent. Can't thank you enough for a very enjoyable week.

- Messier-Dowty